About me



I'm a family medicine resident in the Swedish Cherry Hill Rural Training Track in Port Angeles, Washington which is located about two and a half hours northwest of Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula.

I grew up in Austin, Texas. My favorite subjects in high school were foreign languages. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take college classes at Austin Community College. Upon graduation, I was awarded the Gates Scholarship which funded a substantial portion of my undergraduate and graduate education.     

A love for language led me to pursue a degree in the liberal arts. I traveled out west to Portland, Oregon for undergraduate at Reed College where I studied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and completed a senior thesis entitled "A New Approach to the Synthesis and Pharmacokinetics of the Novel Thyroid Hormone Receptor Antagonist NH-3 in collaboration with Oregon Health and Sciences University."

The environment of Reed College honed my skills in research. Throughout the years, I realized that, while I enjoyed basic science and the pursuit of knowledge, the real value of science is its application to promote positive change. Alongside another Reed graduate, we obtained grant funding from Davis Projects for Peace to investigate the etiology of diarrheal illness in local community clinics in Managua, Nicaragua. 

After graduating college and spending time abroad, I spent the following years traveling throughout the Pacific Northwests. I pursued a graduate degree in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University while working as an instructor and supervisor for Epic Go-Lives throughout Oregon and Washington.

I returned to Texas to attend medical school at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Given my background in chemistry and  translational research, I had initially thought that I would pursue a residency in Anesthesiology. I worked closely with Dr. Tiffany Moon where we had developed a prolific research relationship, driven by her interests in investigating difficult intubations and intraoperative hemodynamics and my interest in writing and data analysis. 

As I progressed through medical school, the same romanticism that drove me to study foreign language across the nation eventually guided me towards family medicine - a field that evokes thoughts of nostalgia and the old-fashioned country doctor who goes house to house and cares for the whole community.  Now, that dream has been realized and I've been fortunate enough to do just that - I'm currently a family medicine resident practicing full spectrum family medicine in the great Pacific Northwest and, trust me, there's no greater place in the world to do this work.